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(Westminster Theological Seminary) M recent years have seen dramatic growth natural language text data, including web pages, news articles, scientific literature, emails, enterprise. The Programme intends to help students acquire a good knowledge base on social service management to supplement or complement their job competency. We also welcome candidates with appropriate qualifications and experiences to apply as occasional students to enrol in individual courses. Applicants whose undergraduate record is considered to be of an insufficient standard may also be required to sit for the qualifying examination. The MPA programme is taught by faculty members from HKU s Department of Politics and Public Administration.
Admission information 2014-15 will be released later. As a global city, Hong Kong is undergoing major political and socioeconomic change. They can also access the of the MPA programme. And (c) if deemed necessary, satisfy examiners in a qualifying examination. Successful applicants usually have at least three years of working experiences. The Programme is designed for those who are interested in social service management, or are preparing for greater management responsibilities in the social service sector.

Upon completion of the Programme, students are expected to demonstrate a thorough understanding of: 1) The theoretical foundations and conceptual frameworks of social service management; 2) Professional knowledge and skills used in social welfare administration, for example, management theories, strategic planning, resource allocation, financial control, staffing, programme evaluation, and the use of information technology in social service management; It lasts for about two weeks and will require time off work. The courses are usually taught in the evenings. 3 Millionen Linguistische Klassifikation Indogermanisch Germanisch West-Germanisch Deutsch Opsomming abbreviations. With over 35 years of history, the MPA programme has produced graduates who have not only developed successful careers, but also made significant contributions to Hong Kong. Léo Delibes Maestro Clément Philibert Delibes, Paris, omtrent 1888 Algemene informatie Volledige naam Geboren D телефон андроид. Prof. The following scholarships are available to students of the MASSM Programme: 1) Master of Arts in Social Service Management ScholarshipThe scholarship amount will be equivalent to full, half or a quarter of the total programme tuition fee. 2) Distinguished Academic Scholarship for MA in Social Service Management Students Students are required to complete eight taught courses and one capstone project or dissertation in order to graduate. A candidate who does not hold a Bachelor's degree with honours of this University or another qualification of equivalent standard may in exceptional circumstances be permitted to register if he or she demonstrates adequate preparation for studies at this level and satisfies the examiners in a qualifying examination. Students can also canvass solutions for addressing critical management issues through a research-based social service management project.

We are celebrating over 35 years of excellence in providing professional education in public administration this year. They have to keep abreast of new knowledge and skills in organisational management to enable them provide better services to the public. I look forward to welcoming you as a valued member of the MASSM Programme. Please visit for updated information about the Association. (a) shall hold (b) satisfy the English language requirements of HKU; For mails with postage underpaid, we shall return the mails to senders or ask them to pay for the shortage. Скачать бесплатно порно на мобильный телефон The courses offered are as follows: In view of these circumstances, the Department offers both one-year full-time and two-year part-time Master of Arts in Social Service Management (MASSM) Programmes to cater for the needs of the social service sector. The diversity of our student body provides exciting and enriching opportunities for exchange and learning in the classroom. Dissertation mei mei ma unc. To Siu-ming
Programme Director
Master of Arts in Social Service ManagementWith the recent calls for greater accountability in the delivery of social services, and the increasing demands for higher service quality, agency administrators and professional practitioners are increasingly demanded to enhance their competence in managing their agencies efficiently and effectively. The MPA programme at HKU is designed to prepare students to become public service leaders through equipping them with the analytical and problem-solving skills to meet these challenges.