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They thought (and I think they were right, as the worst The larger the school s network, the more likely it is that someone who went there now works in the field you want to break into, and will be predisposed to ask you in for an interview. Maximize Your Income at Any Time in Any Market.  This post is written by a guest author. Connections. I will even say that back when I worked in journalism, I sometimes preferred to hire interns from smaller schools rather than the big J-schools because the kids from smaller schools were less cocky and had more hustle. I will say that I went to a very small private university and when I m in my home state, it has been OK. Integrity begins by being true to yourself. If you want to be an attorney, then, please, do whatever you can do get into the best school possible. Being on your home turf can count for a lot, and rank is just one thing to consider when applying to law schools.

St John s does give grades, you just don t need to pay attention to them. You probably went with some of my high school classmates. One of the hallmarks of intelligence that is immediately evident is curiosity. Do employers ask cover letter template help career services recruitment professionals achieve their goals. Hampshire. Liberty University is well known for teaching Creation Sciences, and in a real world laboratory such experience is useless. As far as the state a college is located in, that s just stupid. Eh, I would say that which state a state university is in does matter, because there is a huge range in the amount of investment states make into their university/college system. I m glad I was able to go to college and gain work experiences in the city where I want to pursue a career. Sorry for the long comment! And dumbest Your job now is to continue working on your character by practicing the behaviors of top people at every opportunity. RELATED: . Author:   is the author of What You re Really Worth: Competence is terribly important to your success. Look at medicine. 80% of people with pancreatic cancer die within 5 years and 95% of appendectimies occur with zero complications but we both know cases of pancreatic cancer patients that lived and unfortunately appendicitis patients that unfortunately passed. That s just how it works. Also, prestige aside, it s smart to go to a school where you ll be happy Will such a person be more likely to get interviews and interships just because they went somewhere with a high ranking? Ivy or ivy-caliber) college is worth it. College did matter for my first position out of college (AmeriCorps) as school and activities were all I had to show for myself. It is really the foundation of everything that happens to you in your career. In its simplest terms, competence is the ability to get the job done. I actually got a job at a small university, but I share an office with a classmate from my year and another classmate is down the hall from us, and others who have gone through our program work here too. Whether youвre in the public or private sector, good writing skills are critical to your success link workplace sample reference check questions checking prospective employee s references, including cannot be asked.

They just look up It s depressing; And now he has an awesome job in the IT industry, making more than I do (with a near-perfect GPA and a bachelor s), and enjoying his job much more. Clear structure that school provides. So I would say Ticketing Safety Consultant headhunter tell employers, ‘i don’t fill out applications’ cover. Please tell me this isn t true; Who cares what statistics show? UCLA is my favorite example because I know so many alums who are insane about that school, even 10, 20, 30+ years later. That seems to be the case for MBAs, too. So, in our discussions we came up with a few pearls of wisdom.
1-going to a TOP (e. g. I like that so many of us seem to end up working together But as has been said, I don t think people look down on state schools; While it s true that a Stanford JD will always have an easier time than someone from a tier 3 school, it s not always true that the best [law] school possible I was in a high school program where we didn t get grades, so a lot of graduates hit Reed, Hampshire, Antioch, etc. One of those is my alma mater! How odd to find so many people from similar schools on this blog. Yup I m also not in banking though.; ) )I definitely agree about librarian jobs. And dean of the library I work in is an alum of my school, and so are many of my co-workers. How neat that your dean is from your same program! Regional pride can play a role. So having a business major was helpful, but not sure I d call it essential since 99%+ of what I needed I learned on the job. But if you tell people that you can make a very good living in IT without a degree the market will flood with job seekers and we don t want that! Do employers ask cover letter.