Do kids need less homework

This list will have to be a little general. It was almost always muddy. I too kept everything after my first son because I knew we wanted another child. Anyway, about 10 years later, I found him and my sister in law in Goodwill and I asked the what in the world they were doing there. I got all my jeans at thrift stores except for one pair that I got at walmart, and all of my shirts, my 2 windbreakers, and 4 pairs of Nike tennis shoes. As a mother of six laundry can be so OVERWHELMING at times. We use what we can and then donate the rest or give them to others and don t feel guilty about it! 🙂Make sure you don t fall into my problem for this week.
I have been hurting for 50 years but 15 years ago we got into politics. By going to garage sales or 24 hours (3 days) less my husband would have had to work to buy the clothes. LinensSheets – 2 sets per bed.

If your teens complain about the clothes, make them responsible for them, including paying for the extras that they want. )3-4 pairs of jeans or school pants
7-9 school shirts
1-2 pairs dress pants
3-4 dress shirts
1-2 casual dressy outfits
2-3 pajamas
1 pair school shoes
1 pair causal shoes or 1 pair of shoes for dirty work
1 pair dress shoes Women (stay at home)5-7 everyday comfortable attractive outfits (NO SWEATS, I REPEAT, NO SWEATS! )
1 outfit for dirty work such as painting
4-5 casual dressy outfits (depending on your social life)
4-5 dressy church outfits
2 pairs of comfortable shoes (one for painting and one for wearing everyday)
2-3 pairs casual dressy shoes like loafers
4 pairs dressy shoes for church (black, navy, white and tan pumps or flats)
Adjust shoes for your wardrobe. Women (who work outside the house)7-9 work/dressy outfits
5-7 casual outfits
2-3 outfits for relaxing at home
3-4 pairs work shoes (depends on your work. I try to get the Opie brand for most of us except our toe walker he just gets regular flips. Just way to much stuff have to get read of and then you have toys in every room. I m tring 2 steps a head and 3 steps back. One of the problems I have had is keeping my childrens I took your tip, Tawra, and I go to Home Depot and Lowes to look for paint on sale-stuff that other people have returned. Question what do you all think about buying underwear, pajamas, robes, socks, etc. When my granddaughter was born she had a stomach valve problem and we had to deal with non-stop throwing up. Bring the party home. You could spend a lot of money on presents for kids whose bounce house birthday parties you get invited to, or you could just subvert that shiz and have your own bounce house party in the comfort of your own home. One problem I have nothing to wear. I bit the bullet and haven t stopped since.
I know just what you mean in your hesitating but once you start it won t bother you. Once they succeeded in those things, we would moved on to other things. As soon as they were tall enough, I had them help put clothes in the washer, then move them to the dryer to fluff and finally take them out of the dryer. Why Need Recess Author // Rae Pica do, always tap it again turn off. We need to rely on Him. but we shouldn t waste what He gives us.

Had to chuckle at your saying you tend to recycle or upcycle clothes. I see many purses, shoes, etc. There’s a scripture that says “do not provoke your children to anger”. I find when people are confronted with doing something they feel guilty about they often get very defensive and strike out. We were pretty cautious about putting clothing that was returned back on the selling floor that we felt was worn but things slip through the cracks. Needless to say, when you consider the retail mark-up With both me/my husband and my sister/her husband, we live frugally and may not always have everything we want but definitely have everything we need. I talk about how I don t usually buy a lot of things in bulk because I can get it just as cheap on sale some place but the main thing is the stress of putting all that food away, storing it, rotating it etc. I know you were talking about clothes but I think it is true for many things. I don t think any of us realize how much stress we put on ourselves storing, cleaning and sorting all of our stuff. Add or subtract according to your needs. Would be nice to have the time for something fancier but don t have it or the energy to hunt up stores or through racks.
So when you purchase a wardrobe item include something you can mix and match with what you already have. I did begin to keep clothing again starting with about 18 months, but am seriously thinking about selling, donating, etc. On clothing it is very smart to purchase used. But, when you can add something with a new tag in with the items they all have a new look, I m sure. Do kids need less homework.