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You may know that feeling: “I don’t even know where to begin. ” Happily, I had a solution: Pattern Based Writing: Beginning, middle, and ending. I totally get (as my students would say) this program. They had none of them. I sure do. I wanted to teach essay writing in an engaging way. There is no pattern to it—so they feel lost in it. Pattern Based Writing: I insisted the principal take home the students’ before-and-after timed writings and look them over.

Like I stated before, I have had your program since 2011—the best money I ever spent. Easy Essay is a highly effective methodology that develops this kind of organized, natural, effective multi-paragraph writing. Four weeks later, I could see what was REALLY wrong with their writing, and with most students, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the early writing samples had indicated. Two months later the results were amazing! What I had used with my older child had not worked as I had hoped, so I decided I wanted to try something more focused and clear-cut. Easy Essay is not a grammar program. That s one reason it works so well. This program is not an end to writing growth. You will know exactly how to get results and then how to build on that success. My students learned how to organize an essay and to stay on topic. Just thought I would keep you informed as to the progress of things. May 24, 2011Hello Paul, I am finishing up the last week of school but my students, I believe, did wonderfully on the 7th grade writing exam in March. If at any time during the first eight weeks you are not completely thrilled, simply send me an email (you will have my direct email address) and I will refund your money. They are both fully encrypted using SSL technology to secure your transaction. (The order form web URL changes from http to https. ) Even as the owner of this website, your credit card or PayPal information is kept private from me. It should be noted that what is not included is the 246-page student guide/ workbook that makes this step-by-step system as easy to teach as A, B, C! A Three-Point Analysis of Section 1 and Section 2: This brand new 22-page section ties together 14 different types of writing. I so appreciate the work you have done to make my life easier. I should warn people that this is real writing instruction, and it does need to be taught. That page lets you pay with a credit card as a PayPal guest. February 3, 2011 currently wishing I had found this in August when school started! Thank you so much again for such a wonderful program. Don t have a PayPal account? This program helped tremendously! Get help brainstorming ideas, writing essays, and more from an essay tutor online applying medical long stressful process, here are sample started.

I wondered if the Pattern Based Writing program would work. I just wish I had found your program first. I have to say, I had great success with your program this year. The booklets were always there for reference, and they were the criteria Our tutors can you write a book report we provide excellent service enjoy proficient custom by professional academic writers. It’s amazing that in two months I was able to get my students writing better than I had been able to in an entire year previously. I m a home schooling parent and I got great results really fast. This program works! The New York Times published an article that stated, Good writing is good thinking. This program works with middle school students in three ways depending on the needs of the students: Your students will be able to organize and compose an entire multi-paragraph essay in 30 minutes or less, and it will be so good that no one will believe it is a first draft! Even the early adapters were extremely happy, but I’ve now communicated with users, answered questions, and added to the program. I thought perhaps it was just another advertisement without substance. Pattern Based Writing ended up providing our students a structured, organized way to put their thoughts together. The language changes somewhat, but the requirements remain mostly the same: Also, I was able to utilize Inspiration software and create templates as organizers based on the pattern that my student had used to begin his paragraph writing. Grammar errors simply disappear. Easy Essay, you are never left without a resource. Barger, I can t even read what I had written before. Essay writing school. I’ve taught 4th and 5th grade for five years. You have the right to know that the educational materials you are using have been tested and proven effective by real teachers and in real classrooms! I simply said rain. We have been working with this program for two weeks… Today I gave them five minutes to write an outline for an introductory paragraph.