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Equally important in the training protocol is helping prospective mentors understand the problems and concerns of beginning teachers (Veenman, 1984; This prevalent aspect of school-based mentoring programs presents special challenges that are further exacerbated when mentor teachers receive no or inadequate training and only token support for their work. During the past decade, I have helped school districts design mentor-based, entry-year programs. The good mentor teacher recognizes the power of accepting the beginning teacher as a developing person and professional. The quality of instructional support that mentor teachers offer is largely influenced by the degree of value an entry-year program places on such support. It will attract teachers who demonstrate their hope and optimism for the future by their willingness to help a new teacher discover the same joys and satisfactions that they have found in their own career.
The Mentoring Leadership and Resource Network
The Mentoring Leadership and Resource Network is an ASCD network dedicated to supporting educators everywhere with best practices in mentoring and induction. Rather, it is anchored in the knowledge that mentoring can be a challenging endeavor requiring significant investments of time and energy. What can be done to increase the odds that mentor teachers possess the commitment fundamental to delivering effective support?

In fact, many veterans remember their first year in the classroom as a difficult and lonely time during which no one came to their aid. Much has changed in the past decade, however, because many school districts have established entry-year programs that pair beginning teachers with veteran, mentor teachers. Training exercises that cause mentors to thoughtfully revisit their own first years of teaching in light of such research-based and theoretical perspectives can help engender a more accepting disposition toward beginning teachers regardless of their age or prior life experiences. The good mentor is skilled at providing instructional support. Beginning teachers enter their careers with varying degrees of skill in instructional design and delivery. Rather, should new teachers exhibit such characteristics, good mentors simply view these traits as challenges to overcome in their efforts to deliver meaningful support. How can we encourage mentor teachers to be more accepting of new teachers? And refine their conferencing and feedback skills. They write and read articles in professional journals. It means setting aside, at least temporarily, personal beliefs and values. This simple fact, when overlooked or ignored by a mentor teacher, often leads to relationship difficulties and diminished support for the beginning teacher. Dictionary Word Day 5 the just peace chapter 2 is peace? by r. One year, a mentor may work with a beginning teacher hungry for advice and the next year be assigned a beginning teacher who reacts defensively to thoughtfully offered suggestions.

Just as good teachers adjust their teaching behaviors and communications to meet the needs of individual students, good mentors adjust their mentoring communications to meet the needs of individual mentees. Good mentors are willing to coach beginning teachers to improve their performance wherever their skill level. Programs that provide mentors with a stipend, release time from extra duties, or additional opportunities for professional growth make important statements about the value of the work and its significance in the school community. The good mentor is accepting of the beginning teacher. At the foundation of any effective helping relationship is empathy. Good mentor teachers recognize that each mentoring relationship occurs in a unique, interpersonal context. Develop multiple methods of classroom observation; These are qualities, it is true, which do not distinguish all alike but they so far predominating traits these remarkable as characteristic rummel quality meaning, definition, what how good or bad something is. In similar fashion, The Leadership Adaptability and Style Inventory (Hersey Beginning teachers can display widely different attitudes toward the help offered by a mentor. If you were choosing team members business your organization, who would best players be? Assuming that people have right j. Good mentors share their own struggles and frustrations and how they overcame them. Reading and discussing passages from the works of Rogers (1958) and Combs, Avila, and Purkey (1971), for example, can raise levels of consciousness about this important attribute. In addition, the network sponsors a Spring Symposium each May and an annual meeting at the ASCD Annual Conference in March. Qualities of an informal essay.